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Vertical and Protected Indoor Farming Environments

Vertical farming, glasshouses and tunnels all have a common theme, the environment. In these areas it can be conducive to rapid changes of pathogens, fungal and bacterial spores which can lead to catastrophic consequences in a short period of time.

In the indoor environment our PCO systems can remove these pathogens from the air and reduce the infection of crops. Along with pathogen control we also remove ethylene gas, other VOC’s and viral spores creating the ideal environment for optimum growth, low disease risk and high levels of food safety.


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Of Using Our PCO Systems

Reduced air-borne pathogens

Reduced spread of air borne pathogens

Lower bacterial pathogens

Lower incidence of bacterial pathogens

Increasing growth rates

Reducing pathogen sporulation

Improved Environment

Allowing optimal growing conditions

Reduction of Ethylene

Increased shelf life

Improved working environment

Improved worker environment in the growing space


By our valued clients

  • I most certainly would recommend the White air system in the retention of quality and of market management of the product.

    Neil Chambers Technical Manager, Commercial Flower Company
  • After a very short while we observed better air quality and the pigs were most certainly performing better.

    N Smith Pig Farmer
  • We have now been using the PCO technology for 3 years to remove ethylene gas and other fungal and bacterial pathogens from brassica crops in our cold storage rooms with positive results in terms of improved storage life and quality.

    T Shaw Technical Manager

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