Improving the shelf life of Fruit by Removing Ethylene


Removal of Ethylene the silent invisible destroyer of fruit

There is a very wide range of susceptibility to ethylene in fruit, please see the attached chart as there are different combinations where your products are at risk. You may have very low producing products that are highly sensitive and some high producers that are low in sensitivity.

Ethylene is known as the silent killer as it has no smell and you may not know it is present in your stores. Loss of shelf life, more disease and a less appealing product are all things that can easily be attributed to ethylene.

Our machines are a very cost effective way at improving your bottom line they need very little time to ensure they run effectively they are inexpensive to run and provide a good return on capital invested.

Ethylene removal can help extend shelf life and promote a healthier, quality product.

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Of Using Our PCO System

Reduced disease

Reduction of disease and decay

Improved shelf life

Improved shelf life of many products

Slow down ripening

The slow down of the ripening process by removing ethylene from the storage environment

Improved texture

Improvement of texture in some products e.g. apples improved crunch

Improved colour

Improved retention of colour in many types of fruit


By our valued clients

  • I most certainly would recommend the White air system in the retention of quality and of market management of the product.

    Neil Chambers Technical Manager, Commercial Flower Company
  • After a very short while we observed better air quality and the pigs were most certainly performing better.

    N Smith Pig Farmer
  • We have now been using the PCO technology for 3 years to remove ethylene gas and other fungal and bacterial pathogens from brassica crops in our cold storage rooms with positive results in terms of improved storage life and quality.

    T Shaw Technical Manager

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