Enhance Fresh Produce Storage Life

Ethylene Removal Solutions from White Air


Enhances storage life of fresh produce maintaining peak condition and fresh appearance.

The storage life of fresh produce and vegetables can be greatly reduced if certain criteria are exceeded in the storage period. The criteria we are concerned with to improve storage and shelf life is the presence of ethylene in the store and its affects on fresh produce.

For vegetables and fresh produce the presence of ethylene in various amounts can have small effects to extremely damaging ones. The effects we are most concerned about are loss of colour from ethylene induced chlorophyll loss, increased respiration leading to dehydration and increased demand for cooling to maintain temperature and the last but not least is the increased incidence of disease and fungal spores in the store due to the increased stimulation of spore development by ethylene. We have a organic process that can reduce the above effects of ethylene in the storage or packing environment, it will improve the quality and shelf life of fresh produce at a very low unit cost .

This technology will also allow you to demonstrate to your customers other attributes sustainable integrated management solutions for your business, lower waste, reduced Co2 emissions due to lower cooling requirements , increased food safety by reduction of Salmonella, Listeria and E Coli . This technology has very low energy and maintenance costs and over the lifetime of the machine will give extremely low running costs over other technologies being used in this sector .

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Of Using Our PCO Systems

Longer life

Longer storage life

Reduced disease

Reduced levels of storage diseases

Colour retention

Retention of colour during storage life

Improved turgidity

Improved turgidity of products in store

Waste reduction

Reduction of waste during storage life

Improved returns

Improved grower returns

Improved shelf life

Improved shelf life

Increased food safety

Increased food safety


By our valued clients

  • I most certainly would recommend the White air system in the retention of quality and of market management of the product.

    Neil Chambers Technical Manager, Commercial Flower Company
  • After a very short while we observed better air quality and the pigs were most certainly performing better.

    N Smith Pig Farmer
  • We have now been using the PCO technology for 3 years to remove ethylene gas and other fungal and bacterial pathogens from brassica crops in our cold storage rooms with positive results in terms of improved storage life and quality.

    T Shaw Technical Manager

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