Extending the storage life of flowers

Ethylene reduction system


Fresh blooms every time

The problem we can resolve for most species is the effects that ethylene has on flowers. Some species are not affected by ethylene but the majority that are have a much reduced vase life for the consumer.

The perception by your customers of better quality, longer lasting blooms with better colour intensity is a very important one which brings back repeat orders.

Ethylene removal can help achieve quality products and also extend vase life in an environmentally friendly way.

Our patented technology has the ability to reduce ethylene to virtually undetectable levels this will give improved bud opening and slower petal drop the retention of true colour will be longer .Cleaner and low disease environments for your flowers to flourish in.

The process in which our machines operate is an organic process using no chemicals and creating no waste product to dispose of this can be part of your integrated business management process and is environmentally friendly for your business.

This is a smart solution for controlling waste in your packing environment and can lead to cost savings in your production from greater use of blooms to less handling time when creating bouquets this is a win situation for you and your customer in terms of quality and savings.

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Of Using Our PCO Systems

Better colour

Better colour intensity of flowers

Less drop

Lower petal drop

Improved buds

Improved bud opening

Better leaf colour

Better leaf colour

Improved life

Improved vase life

Slower drop

Slower petal drop of most species


Smart solution

Smart solution which is inexpensive per unit passed through the storage pack house or sales area

Natural process

Natural process with no chemicals involved


By our valued clients

  • I most certainly would recommend the White air system in the retention of quality and of market management of the product.

    Neil Chambers Technical Manager, Commercial Flower Company
  • After a very short while we observed better air quality and the pigs were most certainly performing better.

    N Smith Pig Farmer
  • We have now been using the PCO technology for 3 years to remove ethylene gas and other fungal and bacterial pathogens from brassica crops in our cold storage rooms with positive results in terms of improved storage life and quality.

    T Shaw Technical Manager

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