Healthy Environments

Cleaner air, reduced pathogens, Lower VOC levels, healthy staff.


Creating a healthy environment

White Air Solutions have developed an air purification machine which can be used to create a healthy and clean working environment by removing VOC ‘s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the atmosphere as well as viruses, fungal and bacterial spores.

We have a machine suitable for many working environments as our machines only treat the air in your working area, so current methods of active surface cleaning should still be practised. Re-infection of working environments after deep cleaning can come from people, air conditioning systems, contaminated products and natural ventilation via windows and doors.

Our system works hand in hand with active surface decontamination, once you have clean surfaces and equipment there is a high risk of re-infection from air borne pathogens, this is where our system comes into operation. It reduces air borne pathogens 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, it is a plug and go solution with minimal maintenance requirements.

By removing VOC compounds, viruses, fungal and bacterial spores our machines will add benefits to many environments;

  • Waiting Rooms
  • Surgery Rooms
  • High Care/ Clean Rooms
  • Consultation Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Laundries
  • Offices
  • Schools/Higher Education Centres
  • Entertainment/Exhibition Venues

Did you know that 1 infected person with Flu can infect 15% of people in an office environment?

Clean air improves workplace productivity, results of scientific trials showed that employees in a clean air environment performed 60% better on cognitive tasks than in a standard office environment.

We can help promote a healthy atmosphere and clean working environments  by reducing risks and infection.


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Of This Product

Reduced air-borne pathogens

Reduced spread of air borne pathogens

Lower bacterial pathogens

Lower incidence of bacterial pathogens

Lower VOC’s

Reduced levels of air pollutants

Less sickness days

Increasing business performance

Increasing clinical care

Reducing exposure levels

Improved environment

Increasing productivity/reducing risk


By our valued clients

  • I most certainly would recommend the White air system in the retention of quality and of market management of the product.

    Neil Chambers Technical Manager, Commercial Flower Company
  • After a very short while we observed better air quality and the pigs were most certainly performing better.

    N Smith Pig Farmer
  • We have now been using the PCO technology for 3 years to remove ethylene gas and other fungal and bacterial pathogens from brassica crops in our cold storage rooms with positive results in terms of improved storage life and quality.

    T Shaw Technical Manager

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